Brazen Catz is a small Show Cattery,
created for the fun and adventure of
showing these wonderful members of our

Deciding you want to show cats....and actually
getting to the point of showing cats....can take awhile.  I would like to sincerely thank and state how much I value their friendship and the time they have given to mentor me:

Carissa Altschul of Cacao Cattery
Laura Boot of Kitt n Boots Cattery
Anita Meheyari of Gorbe Irani Cattery
Jody Greenwood of Raggamops Cattery
Cheryl Mckay, Sharon Rogers
Virgina King of Prancenpaws Cattery
Sue Dahistrom of Katsations Cattery

This website is designed to share my adventures with family, friends & those who share in the joy of owning a Himalayan Persian.
I hope that you enjoy my website.
Himalayan Persian Cattery
2011-2012 Regional Winner!
RW,GC Cacao Jedi of Brazen Catz
Brazen Catz Dime Store Diamond
Jedi's little girl
Daddy's Girl